We reached our fundraising goal for our upcoming album, "ELECTRICTY"!

Thank you so much to each and every person that contributed and cheered us along.
Please stay tuned for the announcement of the CD release date and tour dates.

NOW BOOKING FOR 2016-17:  Festivals, Workshops, Concert Series, Club Dates

"Victor & Penny have a natural chemistry that infuses their musical performance with
an undeniable electric energy. They had me breathless..."
- Kristen Shafel Omiccioli (KCMETROPOLIS)


*NEW* REVIEW | from KCUR 90.3FM of V&P's album, "Live at The Living Room Theatre".  "This record's about maintaining levels of excitement all too rare in our world-weary culture."  Read the full review. 

REVIEW | from KCMETROPOLIS of V&P's new work-in-process, "Project X".  "They had me breathless...this show is as authentic and charming as its stars." Read the full review.


 WHAT THEY'RE SAYING | about our album "Live at The Living Room Theatre" featuring our Loose Change Orchestra:

“The magic of live music is personified by Victor & Penny, their album just shines with the wonder of the coming together of musicians and audience." 
- Barry Marshall-Everitt (House of Mercy Radio, London UK)

“All the charm of a style with infectious melodies ...a real pleasure for a DJ...this music is so easy to air, so easy to like I would say...France is depressed, it is kind of a medicine!"
Michel Penard (Radio ISA, France)



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 see our calendar for complete list of shows 


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