Counting up the good stuff and a quick look back

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Happy New Year, friends!

As 2018 slips away like ice in a stiff drink, we’re reflecting on the year that was. 2018 was a complicated thing full of unexpected highs and serious lows. Ever grateful to still be riding the roller coaster (no matter what), we’re thankful for the safe travels, fulfilling shows, dear friends, hard work, and the sweet music that filled our time. Thank you for everything.

Here’s a little video for you with some of the most fun highlights of our year…

Current outlook:

I’m feeling this throwback photo of me climbing the Great Wall in Beijing, China several years ago.

From our perspective last January, the year 2018 seemed like climbing a Great Wall that would never end. Now looking back at all that we’ve done this year and the personal obstacles we’ve overcome, we feel exhilarated, proud, breathless, giddy, and slightly incredulous. Just like  I felt in this picture.

2019, we’re ready! We’ve got tours and recordings and  poems and new ways to stretch and grow in our sights for 2019. Check out our website and facebook for dates, updates, and chances to connect. 

We wish for you peace, prosperity, love, and joy in the coming year.

Love, your friends (and love your friends)
Erin & Jeff

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Jim Bull

Happy always to hear from you two. Wishing you both the best!
Jim Bull
Ps Have switched to a tenor ukulele with a low G string. It’s a Collings


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