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Hello, friends, happy fall to you all!  

WOW.  We’re still reeling from the events of the last 6 weeks, but in a good way.  It’s like when your brain is brimming and your heart is humming and you’re vacillating between “can’t sit still” and “too tired to move” and everything is a little too bright and a little too loud and under it all you just feel so so so glad to be home and yet can’t wait to do it all again.  That’s how things are today.  

We returned from our 3-week #SpanishHoneymoon in Spain and Portugal to play 8 dates on the East Coast including a fabulous night with Vince Giordano in NYC. We then flew to the Midwest to perform 4 more dates that were some of the *most fun shows* this year with a highlight show at Knuckleheads in our beloved Kansas City. KC – we missed you! Our hearts are full and we feel grateful to all of you. In this season of gratitude, we are giving thanks that we are able to do what we love and that we get to share it all with you. Thank you. Our honeymoon was rejuvenating and we’ve come home with new ideas and plans – and wow – we’ve got some things coming for you. The first of which is happening right now.

We’ve made our very first VINYL RECORD! We are proud to be the inaugural artists on the new vinyl-only record label, EAT. HEAR. RECORDS. With EHR, we are releasing a brand new, 7″ 45rpm record that features two new previously unreleased songs with a full band (including drums) recorded by Duane Trower at Weights & Measures Soundlab. Drums, you say? Yes! KC Jazz favorite Brian Steever recorded drums on these new tunes and we can’t wait for you to hear them. We’re having an EHR label launch and Vinyl Release Party in Kansas City for those in the area, but wherever you are, the record is on sale now and ready to send to you or download, just in time for the holidays.

Our new vinyl record is limited edition – 500 only – and each record will be signed and numbered. Get yours now because once they’re gone, they’re gone. There will be no re-pressing of the collector’s item. The two new singles are also available for digital download for those that like their music in bits and bytes. Here’s how to get yours:


Order your copy today! (ships in November)
Order Here

Download the songs here:
Side A:   Wake Up Early
Side B:   She Says, She Knows



We’re giving ukulele and music business workshops in Denver, Fort Collins, and Kansas City in November and December. We’ll be doing a lot more of these in the coming year, including refining our newest presentation about the evolution of Kansas City Jazz in the wild days of the Prohibition era. If you’re interested in bringing a V&P presentation or workshop into your school, business, festival, or event contact us here:

We love to play private events! Here’s a gorgeous photo of us onstage at a private event we played last week at the swanky Durham Museum in Omaha, NE. Live music adds the “Wow” to special events – let us help you make your holiday event unforgettable.  Contact us here: 

Things feel different over here – exciting and energized. We’ll be changing things up this year and we’re eager to share our new plans and ideas with you in the coming weeks. Thank you, as always, for taking this ever-evolving ride with us! Isn’t life grand?

We’re playing short tours in Iowa, Colorado, Missouri, and the Southeast region of the US in Nov-Dec plus a couple of great KC dates. Check out the upcoming dates below, and check our website for more info and the full schedule.  Stay tuned in; we’ve got good stuff for your ears and hearts coming.

Erin (Penny)

09:   Ames, IA | DG’s Tap House | 9pm | INFO
10:   Spencer, IA | SPARC Concert Series | 7:30pm | TICKETS
11:   Des Moines, IA | Lefty’s Live Music | 9pm | INFO
14:   Kansas City, MO | On-Air Performance: KC Live Channel 41 | 10am | INFO
15:   Kansas City, MO | Vinyl Release & Label Launch | recordBar|7pm | TICKETS
18:   Kansas City, MO | Ukulele Workshop: Arranging|10:30am | TICKETS
29:   St. Louis, MO | BBs Jazz, Blues and Soups | 10:00p | INFO
30:   Lexington, KY | Willie’s Locally Known | TICKETS

01:   Asheville, NC | Isis Music Hall | 7pm | TICKETS
02:   Show TBA – check
03:   Show TBA – check
04:   Knoxville, TN | Blue Plate Special at WDVX | 12noon | INFO
04:   Knoxville, TN | Holly’s Corner | 7pm | INFO
07:   Fort Collins, CO | Ukulele Workshop | Music District | 6p | INFO
07:   Fort Collins, CO | Avogadro’s Number | 8p | TICKETS
08:   Denver, CO | Swallow Hill |Concert: Tuft Theatre | 8p | TICKETS
09:   Denver, CO | Swallow Hill | Workshop: Arranging | 11am | INFO
09:   Denver, CO | Swallow Hill | Workshop: Making Your Music Work For You | 1:30p | INFO
09:   Boulder, CO | Oskar Blues |8pm | INFO
12:   Kansas City, MO | recordBar | MMF Benefit: Cover Me , KC | 7p | TICKETS

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